Preparation of Manuscripts

Comptes rendus mathématiques – Mathematical Reports is committed to processing all submitted papers in the shortest possible time. It is, therefore, important that authors take great care to ensure that their manuscripts conform to the following specifications:

  • Manuscripts must be in their final form. Articles sent by mail should be printed on one side only with generous margins and interline spacing. The first page should contain a short descriptive title, the name(s) of the author(s) followed by abstracts, in English and French, not exceeding 200 words, which can be read independently of the paper. This should be followed by the Mathematics Subject Classification Number for the primary and secondary subjects of the article. A list of these numbers can be found in the annual subject index in Mathematical Reviews. The institutional affiliation and complete address (including e-mail if possible) of each author should appear at the bottom of the last page.
  • Illustrations and diagrams must be submitted on separate sheets. They should be drawn in India ink on white high-gloss paper and be at the quality of a university graphics department. If the illustrations are prepared using computer software that outputs standard PostScript files, these may be included, and, if possible, will be used when printing the paper. The author’s name and the title of the paper should be written lightly on the back of each illustration.
  • Citations should be to an alphabetical bibliography at the end of the paper. The style should conform to one of those used in recent issues of Comptes rendus mathématiques – Mathematical Reports. The list of references should use the standard journal abbreviations conforming to those shown in the annual index to Mathematical Reviews.
    Footnotes, other than those which refer to the title or author(s), should be numbered consecutively and placed at the bottom of the page to which they refer.
  • The use of TeX for manuscript preparation is strongly encouraged. The special formatting of files used for publication requires that some editorial modification of author-submitted source files be made. It is helpful if authors minimize their formatting and use of special symbols. A TeX template can be obtained by electronic mail using the address