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Markov uniqueness and its applications

C. R. Math. Rep. Acad. Sci. Canada Vol. 15 (1) 1993, pp. 1–6
Vol.15 (1) 1993
S. Albeverio / M. Röckner / T.-S. Zhang Details
(Received: 1993-03-05 )
(Received: 1993-03-05 )

S. Albeverio / M. Röckner / T.-S. Zhang


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Keywords: (infinite dimensional) diffusions, Dirichlet forms, Generalised Schrödinger operators, Sobolev spaces on infinite dimensional spaces, quantum fields, stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions, stochastic quantization, uniqueness of Dirichlet operators, uniqueness of the martingale problem

AMS Subject Classification: Dirichlet spaces 31C25

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