Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the access controlled by IP address or Username/Password and how do we get online access after subscribing?  Is there any limit of site location? (Can staff who are at a geographically separated location from the library access the online contents?)

A:  Institutions are registered by IP address, which is communicated with a subscription order. Concerning access through a subscribing institution, anyone who can log in to a computer the IP address of which is registered with the journal is, subject to the policy of the institution, able to obtain access to the journal. (Naturally, this requires a person to be registered, with an account and password, with the institution—but, usually, remote login to an institution’s computer system, with which one has an account, is possible.)

Q: Who & how many persons are allowed to access if a library subscribes to the journal? (definition of authorized users)

A: This is answered by the above access question regarding institutional subscribers. Namely, anyone who is registered with the institution.

Q: Do you allow access to “Walk in Users” & “ILL(Inter-Library-Loan)?

A: As far as inter-library loan is concerned, this is governed by the policy of the subscribing institution. Usually, students and faculty members at other institutions are considered eligible to request to view an article.

Q: Can a librarian get the usage statistics and how?

A: No not at present. We are a small journal and have not yet implemented this feature.

Q: How many back issues (years) are accessible?

A: Our on-line archive dates back to the founding of the journal in 1979.

Q: Do you allow perpetual access? If a subscription is not renewed, can back issues which had been available be accessed?

A:  If a subscription is not renewed, then only the normal access to volumes of the journal older than five years is available.