February 2023

We have made some changes to the Mathematical Reports – Comptes rendus mathématiques website. Invisibly we migrated to a static IP address for added security and also updated behind the scene to make the site more efficient. Also, the visible front end improvements include:

  • the full text pdf download (along with the detailed author contact info, abstract, keywords and ams-classification) is now available by clicking “Details” in the main list of articles from a search. In this way it is possible to quickly view the abstracts or download many articles while still browsing the search list.
  • improved highlighting of search terms in the search results
  • showed search filters at the top of the Articles page for the mobile version rather than having to scroll to the bottom to search for author or title. Note that to access full text for recent articles and the previous five years, using a computer with an IP address of a subscribing individual or institution is still required. However, mobile access is still a robust method of searching articles and downloading archived articles beyond the five year window.
  • added author(s) name to the featured articles shown on the front page.

As before, articles published in the current year and the preceding five years are only available through subscription. Subscribed institutions or individuals provide their IP address(es) for which access is provided. Users accessing the website without this access will still be able to see lists of articles but will only be able to download articles older than the 5 years.

Lastly, we have added the domain to the list of domains where the journal is accessible. Using and will redirect to which is our permanent domain.

Martin Elliott
Website Designer / Subscriptions Manager

Online Subscription

We decided to maintain our current model of subscription for access to the recent issue as well as the last 5 years. Prior to that period (older than 5 years) articles will be available for public open-access. It was decided to maintain the current subscription model in order to cover the costs of maintaining the website and inputting the new articles. Please send your subscription cheque as per the rate on our subscription page (currently 50 US dollars for international and 50 Can dollars for Canadian subscribers as of Oct 2019) to the address:

Subscriptions: Mathematical Reports
4103 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Canada V6R 2P5

Please make cheques payable to “Mathematical Reports

Also please send any updates to your IP ranges to the email  If you are a CURRENT subscriber, only submit IP ranges IF they have changed, and if you are a NEW subscriber please send a complete set of IP addresses.
George Elliott
Managing Editor
Oct 2019

Archive Issues online as of Sept 2019

It is with great pleasure that we can report that the archived issues of Mathematical Reports are now scanned and indexed and available online. All articles in all issues back to the beginning of the journal in 1979 are now indexed with metadata and the pdf’s of the full text are now available. Over 1100 additional articles (totaling 1361 articles as of September 2019) indexed by author, title, keyword and ams classification (where they were used) are searchable and ready for access.

George Elliott
Managing Editor
October 2019



Welcome to the new website of Mathematical Reports – Comptes rendus mathématiques. There were a number of objectives in developing this new website:

  • To put the full text of articles online from the over 40 years of archives (recently completed in Sept 2019).
  • To implement a keyword and AMS subject classification (MSC) search
  • To allow for articles to be published more quickly by introducing a new category of “pre-publishing” called “online-first” for those articles that have been accepted and peer reviewed but not totally revised. They are presented in “Author’s draft” form until final publication
  • To implement a paid subscription for those subscribers who want online access to articles published in the most recent 5 years. Older than that will be available for public download.

We hope the website will help promote the field of mathematics in a productive and collaborative way.

George Elliott,
Managing Editor