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Construction of the Heptadecagon and Quadratic Reciprocity

C. R. Math. Rep. Acad. Sci. Canada Vol. 35 (1) 2013, pp. 16–21
Vol.35 (1) 2013
Yuri Burda; Liudmyla Kadets Details
(Received: 2012-03-26 )
(Received: 2012-03-26 )

Yuri Burda, University of Toronto; e-mail: yburda@math.toronto.edu

Liudmyla Kadets, University of Toronto; e-mail: lucy.kadets@math.toronto.edu


In this note we present a construction of a regular 17-gon using ruler and compass. We relate steps in this construction to quadratic reciprocity and some trigonometric identities.

Dans cette note, nous présentons une construction à la règle et au compas de l’heptadécagone. Nous éstablisson des liens les étapes de cette construction de réciprocité quadratique et des identitiés trigonométriques.

Keywords: Heptadecagon, Quadratic Reciprocity

AMS Subject Classification: 11A20

PDF(click to download): Construction of the Heptadecagon and Quadratic Reciprocity

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